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Check out Chris’ top picks for the season below and get his thoughts about what each one means to him and how he hopes it inspires activism, advocacy, and advancement of a more progressive America and a more perfect union.

Washington, D.C. has been home for a decade now and advocating for full representation of its 700,000+ residents in our democracy is intrinsic to our progress as a nation. It’s a sense of pride for us who call D.C. home of course. It’s my hope that it creates greater awareness of the push for statehood.
I encourage everyone to visit for more information and no matter where you reside in this country, to join the movement for equal representation for me and our fellow Americans here in the Nation’s Capital.”


I first became aware of Juneteenth as a teen while visiting my father in D.C. One summer in the late 90’s my dad brought my brother, cousin, and I to a Juneteenth cookout at Andrews Air Force Base. I gained a greater awareness and also historical context of what the holiday has meant specifically to Black military service members and the role they played in Black Liberation during the Civil War and the period of Reconstruction.

Juneteenth to me is a holiday about American accountability; a report card on the progress forward for equity in our democracy, for equal justice, socio-economic opportunity, access to resources from health care, education, to fair housing - all of which Black folks have been disenfranchised in the history and present of this country.

As a Black-owned brand, this is our way of commemorating America’s 2nd Independence and a continued fight for racial equity.


As an iconic symbol of freedom the American Flag to me is both a beacon of hope and homeland as well as a point of protest to bring greater awareness to issues in which we as a nation have fallen short of our ideals.

As a son of a Navy sailor and an immigrant mother, I know my experience as both a Black and Filipino American is a unique one that is as dynamic and complex as the history of this country. I also know my experience is as American as any other. This is what I represent when I wear it; my unique American story.

June 14 is Flag Day in the United States and the Smithsonian Institute compiled some interesting facts, timelines, and art about the evolution of the American flag: Facts about the United States Flag.

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