For the Love of our H Street NE community

Figured what better way to kick off the year than by making our first release something tangible for the community I have grown even intimately closer to over the last 12 months.

I just turned 42 and I think about the significance of that number, the symbolism and the mystery. Going to take you down a bit of a rabbit hole here with my train of thought, so try to follow the best you can.

So, the novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy written by Douglas Adams, was first published 1979, the year I was born. In that novel the super computer gives the answer 42 in response to “the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.”
When I think about the turbulence, the trial and tribulations, the uncertainty of life being ever so present, and the resilience it has taken to be able to make it with all my faculties intact, to come out of all what 2020 imposed on us, in an even better position than I was a year ago; turning an even number of age on an odd year; man, that’s blessing.
When I think about that ask, “the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.”, I can with confidence say at the ripe age of 42, is simply: community.
What I have witnessed with respects to resilience, selflessness, empathy, compassion, and comradery of this H Street NE community I call home, has been nothing short of a miracle. It gives me a sense of pride I have never owned living anywhere else. So as a gift to myself I wanted to share my love of this place with those who love it equally as much using my gift of creativity.
So, coming of age, that’s the inspiration that moved me but there’s more. Before the novel, thinking about how the game of life has changed and tying back to the number 42, I couldn’t help but think of the legendary Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier as a Brooklyn Dodger and changing the game for good. Referencing photos of him in that uniform and being inspired by the contrast between the tinged white of the jersey, royal blue of the script, and the life blood red of the number 42 really influenced the color story of this capsule. To give the pieces a richer pop I inverted the color way for more spring like vibes.
In terms of the graphic design itself, it of course takes its cue from the iconic image for the New York Board of Tourism created by the legendary Milton Glaser.
I hope I was able to articulate what was going on in my mind, the influences, and thought process in bringing this collection to life and hopefully bring a community even closer with these symbols of pride.
From me to H Street NE with love.

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