Home Rule Then. Statehood Now! Poster (18"x24")

CHRiS CARDi House of Design

$ 80.51


It is this history that we examined, pouring over photos and news clippings of that era, that fueled our creative influences for the “HOME RULE THEN. STATEHOOD NOW!” capsule collection. Looking back at these images, we pulled ideas from a variety of campaign signs that ultimately resulted in this rendition of our “STATEHOOD NOW!” poster.

The poster, in all caps, varies font sizing, reads from top to bottom “WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA STATEHOOD NOW!” with the words stacked above each other. The poster features an accent dot that combines the number 51 and a map of the District to complete the exclamation point. Also featured is a small print of the Washington, D.C. flag at the bottom of the poster with a phrase is .5 inch font size that reads “CHRIS CARDI INC.

Poster Specifications
-Vertical layout 18in x 24in
-Red print on white background
-Matte textured finish
-Note: Frame not included

Posters are currently not stocked and are printed-to-order on demand. The poster will ship in a protective tube within 10 days of purchase.

Designed In D.C.

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