Juneteenth “Freedom Day” Flag Tank Top

CHRiS CARDi House of Design

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Juneteenth (short for “June Nineteenth”) marks the day when Union troops arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1865 seizing control of the state signaling freedom for Texas's more than 250,000 enslaved Black people. The year following 1865, the newly emancipated Black people in Texas organized the first of what became the annual celebration of "Jubilee Day" on June 19. In the ensuing decades, Juneteenth commemorations spread as Black people migrated from Texas to other parts of the country continuing the tradition.

The star at center has dual meaning representing Texas and also the freedom of Black Americans in all 50 states. The bursting outline around the star, inspired by a nova, a term used by astronomers meaning new star represents a new beginning for Black people of Galveston and America. The curve that spans the width of the flag represents a new horizon: the opportunities and promise that lay ahead for Black Americans. The colors of red, white, and blue represent the American flag and the commitment that America has to live up to the ideal of liberty and justice for all.

This is our ode in commemoration of Juneteenth; a celebration of resilience. Our purpose is to provide a form of symbolism through style and bring greater awareness to the significance of this day in American history and to the cultural fabric of our Nation.

The struggle continues.


  • Vibrant colors and detailed print
  • Relaxed fit, low slung armholes and neckline
  • Quick dry super knit polyester

Sizing note: The garment has no stretch and is intended to be worn loose. If you are between sizes we recommend going up. Reference size chart below.


Size Chart:

X-Small - 34/35 inch chest

Small - 36/37 inch chest

Medium - 38/39 inch chest

Large - 40/41 inch chest

XLarge - 42/43 inch chest

XXLarge - 44/45 inch chest

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