An Ode to D.C.'s "Chocolate City" Legacy

In 1957 the District of Columbia became the first majority Black major city in the United States. This notable shift in population is attributed in part to "The Great Migration", when Blacks fled the South for better education and job opportunities, as well as to escape legal segregation and lynchings. The population shift is also largely attributed to the "White Flight" of the mid 20th century, which accelerated after D.C. public schools desegregated in 1954.

The moniker "Chocolate City" was coined and popularized in the early 1970's by Washington, D.C. radio personalities when the city's Black population was at its peak of 71%.
Today, D.C.'s Black population is now less than 45%, in part, as a result of economic policies and gentrification. Although Washington, D.C. is no longer a majority Black major city, the history, legacy, and power of Black identity remain an influential force in shaping the city's cultural landscape.

Our H STREET NE - Chocolate City Bar t-shirt is an ode to the legacy of Chocolate City and H Street NE being the corridor to D.C.'s majority Black communities East of the River.

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