The Washington Bastards

The Washington Bastards is a fictitious pro football franchise fighting to make D.C. statehood a reality. 

This actually has nothing to do with football and everything to do with advocating for full citizenship and equal representation of District of Columbia residents in our nation’s democracy. It’s not about politics. It’s about participation, social justice, and the full will of the people of the United States of America. 

We are utilizing our medium of fashion and leveraging our platform to raise greater awareness for D.C. statehood and invite you to join us in advocating on behalf of the District’s more than 700,000 residents. While fashion is one way to advocate, organized activism is a greater way to take action and stay informed.

We are avid supporters of DC Vote! Founded in 1998, DC Vote is a national grassroots engagement and advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening our nation’s democracy and securing civil equality through self-government and full voting rights for the people who call the District of Columbia home.

DC Vote welcomes citizens, advocates, thought leaders, scholars and policy-makers seeking to advance the cause. Follow @DCvote on instagram, visit the organization's website and sign up to the newsletter to stay in the know. 

Help us in supporting DC Vote over the next week for the Moe Cans Drive, fundraising and collecting canned goods as well as non-perishable food items in support of Bread For The City. Find out more @DCvote.

Power to the people!


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