H STREET 5K - Raises awareness and donations for HIPS.org, and register voters ahead of Election Day

 This year to commemorate H ST. Festival we decided to put our best foot forward in a meaningful way, by kicking off our inaugural H STREET 5K WALK, RUN, RIDE; keeping with our tradition of community engagement.

This past Saturday, we teamed up with Erica Jackson and Kristen Gnau to host the event all in an effort to register voters, encourage folks to work the polls on Election Day, and to raise funds and awareness for H ST. NE neighborhood non-profit HIPS DC

We thank our partners; Maketto, Cool Kids Vinyl, Dryy DC, Hill Prince, Rock The Vote, Too Many Tabs and our 5K participants coming together for a safe and great event. We would like to graciously thank our friends near and far for helping us reach our donation goal.

Please continue to support HIPS DC and send donations directly through the link below:


Let’s support our community and give our very best to our friends at HIPS DC.

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